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Management Philosophy

We shall practice corporate activities that adhere to respective laws and company regulations and that are in accord with social ethics.

We shall create quality that can be relied on based on a customer-first principle.

We shall work actively to develop and introduce new technologies and provide products in a wide array of fields.

We shall create abundant value by combining the capabilities of all employees and build a dynamic company.

We shall aim to be a company that we feel confident in and can be proud of by considering the environment and contributing to society.

Quality Policy

We shall pursue, create and provide quality that satisfies customers based on the understanding that maintaining and increasing quality is part of a company's social responsibility.

Compliance Policy

We shall conduct fair and wholesome corporate activities that adhere to laws and other social norms.

We shall disclose management-related information in a timely, appropriate and fair manner.

We shall protect proprietary information, personal information related to customers as well as executives and employees and all other information in an appropriate manner.

We shall not become involved in any way with individuals or groups that may have a negative impact on social order or wholesome corporate activities.

Health & Safety Policy

We shall prioritize health and safety in all corporate operations.

We shall work toward zero accidents and disasters by protecting the fundamentals of safety and promoting danger prediction activities.

We shall strive to detect health- and safety-related problems early on and take the appropriate steps to remedy them to create a safe and healthy workplace.

Environmental Policy

We shall safeguard the beautiful green environment and recognize that handing down such an environment to the next generation is a challenge for all of humanity and an expected social responsibility. In that context, we shall face up to the impact that our corporate activities, products and services have on the environment and work to preserve nature and ensure harmony with the earth. We shall practice corporate activities that attach paramount importance to consistent environmental improvement and pollution prevention.

We shall create an environmental management system and formulate environmental targets based on an accurate understanding of the impact of our corporate activities on the environment and work toward attaining these targets in a planned and continuous manner.

We shall work to save resources and energy, recycle waste and reduce emissions.

We shall work to prevent environmental pollution by providing environmentally friendly products and technologies.

We shall comply with laws, ordinances, agreements and industry regulations related to our corporate activities.

We shall conduct education that raises the awareness of the need to prevent environmental pollution and improve the environment among all employees and promote the operation, maintenance and enhancement of an environmental management system.

This Environmental Policy shall be notified to all employees and disclosed widely to the public.