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Message from the President

   What is the basic policy of company management?
   Our basic policy is to establish a management base that is not influenced by the economy, and as a result, through our contribution to society as a result, we aim to realize a "proud company" by each and every employee.
As guidelines for realizing this basic policy, we have listed "quality policy", "compliance policy", "safety and health policy", "environmental policy" under the "management philosophy".

   How do you think about target management index.
   As a management indicator, to secure stable profits continuously.In order to emphasize shareholder interests and improve management efficiency,
We will Increase "Operating profit on sales"," Return on Asset" and "Return on Equity".

   What kind of measures are you thinking to improve performance?
   We will strengthen our research and development system, develop "new products, new products" and build new technologies at an early stage and strive to secure superiority in the market as a "technology TOKUDEN".
By strengthening the sales division, we will further cultivate existing customers, cultivate new customers, and actively develop overseas markets.

   How about the company-wide efforts?
    Sales staff aim to become a sales engineer by all salespeople, strengthen proposal type sales.
In the development department, the sales department promotes the new development projects that the sales department has found through customer needs and market research with a sense of speed, and the construction department promotes the transfer of technology and develops new construction law, improves quality and cost We will strengthen our response to reductions.
In the environment-related division, we are aggressively developing new equipment and developing to other automobile manufacturers.
Katsuhiko Kanbayashi, President and Representative Director