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Message from the President

   What measures are you taking to improve results?
   In today's world, which is characterized by remarkable advancements in technological innovation, our mission as a company engaged in technological development is to realize the early creation of new products and technologies that meet changes in customer needs and the market. With this in mind, we are continuing to make active investment in research and development.
We are currently pursuing research and development in specific fields at different sites. At the Amagasaki Research Institute, our main R&D base, we are focusing on welding materials, while at the Environmental Technology Center in Nagoya we are working on environment-related fields and at the Hakusan Research Laboratory on surface finishing targeting advanced industries. In R&D, the key is to deliver technologies and products to the world as quickly as possible. At TOKUDEN, we are working to accelerate R&D and effectively utilize management resources by strengthening our R&D system and aggressively promoting joint development through partnerships with other research institutes and companies.

   What general initiatives is the company currently undertaking?
   One characteristic of TOKUDEN as a company engaged in technological development is our willingness to challenge new technologies and manufacturing throughout the organization, not just in the R&D department.
Marketing, production and technological research departments have come together to work on concepts for new technologies and products and we expect this to result in the generation of strategic products that lead the next generation.
In our construction department, we worked to beef-up capabilities at the Himeji and Kyushu plants to meet growing orders for components used in nuclear power plants and thermal power plants, where demand is forecast to increase worldwide. We also worked to strengthen responsiveness to customers.
In the welding material department, we have created a series of high-quality products through alliances with other companies.
In other departments, we are extending new sales channels for casting products that incorporate our overlay welding technology based on application as high-class steel material. This initiative is part of a new business.

   Tell us about any future management challenges.
   Our basic policy is to create management foundations that are not affected by economic ups and downs, and by contributing to society as a result, realize a company that each employee can feel confident in and be proud of. As guidelines toward realization of this basic policy, we have formulated the Quality Policy, Compliance Policy, Health & Safety Policy and Environmental Policy based on our Management Philosophy.
Above all, we prioritize health and safety in the labor environment and are making efforts to consider environmental preservation and reduce environmental burden. In terms of compliance, as more and more strict attention is being placed on the actions of corporations in recent times, we will comply with laws and regulations and make sure each employee acts with sincerity in order to further boost corporate value and drive continuous growth and development.
Yoshiharu Takata, President and Representative Director